005This is a shot of Lia Pas at the Spring-Bling Salon last week. As you can see, my camera has issues–it likes to make things narrow. The lens cover doesn’t want to open very well, probably due to some sticky liquid that once grazed the surface. One of those elusive things the children always reply with “It wasn’t me!”

014And here is the enigmatic Bernice Friesen, reading a snippet from a novel in progress. The sunflower wins the award for the narrowest bling (I can’t include the light). On the table behind Bernie are the prizes that were drawn for later in the evening. Some lucky people (that lovely red-head at the front of the picture) were lucky enough to be multiple winners.

We were able to raise a good chunk of money for Sage Hill, which has its own narrowing this week with a May 8th deadline for applications, which of course, is the same deadline at the St. Peter’s colony (the Emma Lake Colony deadline has come and gone).  If you haven’t attended either of these, you should think about it. They’re worth every cent, and more!