Well, things are winding down at St. Peter’s. I’ve written less than I’ve wanted, only about 13 pages of poetry, didn’t get as much editing done as I wanted, but whatever, the week isn’t done yet. Besides, I needed to write to be able to write. So I’m writing. The kwinzhee is complete, and we christened it on Monday night.


I was experimenting with flash, without flash, and with the night setting, and had some fun taking a few pics. Here’s a good shot of Maureen Scott Harris’s foot, Honor Kever’s foot, and the candle.


Last night was the annual Medieval Feast at the college where we produce wonderful medieval costumes from the second hand store in Humboldt, or from the costume box in the library (it is slowly building), or from other sources.


At one point in the feast, I was knighted, Lady Tracy Hamon, bard of St. Peter’s. I had to kneel before the king and queen (who had real costumes and looked amazing).


And entertainment from our group was provided by Dave Carpenter, with his Merlin magic banjo. And so you could share in the magic, here’s a little video of what we enjoyed (sorry about the darkness of the video, but hey, it’s the dark ages!).

11 thoughts on “O’ FORTUNA

  1. Sorry I missed it this year. But they were going to make me juggle baseball bats again.

  2. Ah, Bernie. Flying bats in a monastery. Go figure. We missed you though.

    Thanks B. It wasn’t the same as the first year though without you. Fun to dress up, as always.

  3. did the Abbot bring creme de cacao again for the Kwinzee christening?

    looks wonderful, I was wondering if the medieval feast was on.

    • Hey Sznn! I didn’t get in with the Abbot (there was only room for 7 at one time) so I’ve no idea what he brought, though whatever it was, DC saved the bottle because he liked it.

  4. I am continually amazed at how this world shrinks via the internet!!! Here I sit in North Carolina listening to my dear friend Dave Carpenter play his banjo in Canada!!! It’s almost “Merlefest” time here! Thanks for posting the video of Dave! I also enjoyed seeing Honor’s foot!!

    • Hey Sheree! I like to think the world expands via the internet, and I’m pleased you found your way here. North Carolina seems very close right now! Honor and Dave are much fun and the kwinzhee is always one of the highlights of the winter colony. The “Merlefest” sounds like fun and I hope you enjoy!

  5. Hello again!!

    I stepped out of my comfort zone today…and created my first blog. I would love to have you visit occasionally to find out what might be happening in North Carolina!!

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