…of a deer today, which is difficult in the snow, with my loud coat, noisy boots crunch, crunching my every move. I didn’t get a picture of it, unfortunately, even though I was fairly close. Then I was bombarded by some irate chickadees, who decided my sunflower seeds weren’t quite good enough. Where were the peanuts?

Here’s a shot from Thurs, after the cocktail party at the hermitage.
Where deer go to feed.
Obviously a popular area.
What they are feeding on is apples. The tracks are in the apple orchard southwest of the gardens.
This is the look chickadees give you when you only have sunflower seeds.
My favorite restroom. My Valentine’s present.

8 thoughts on “ON THE TRAIL

  1. ah…i miss the place…in my three weeks there or so i had summer/winter and a muddy spring…say hi to everyone and i wish i was there

  2. I had a tough time with the chickadees today. One chickadee, who was obviously severely disappointed, decided to peck my hand instead of taking a seed. I thought that was kind of rude!

    Great pictures

  3. those photos take me to St. Pete’s so well, I can feel the cold, hear my snowshoes clack clack… great T, great.

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