• Thanks B! Must be raven tracks, as they were quite large (which is why I put the boot print in to show relative size). It’s been quite nice here and we’ve walked the grid a few times already.

  1. I stared at them for a while and realized they do the same thing to my brain that a Necker Cube does. Fascinating.

  2. Thanks Kat!

    Hey John! I agree with you. The tracks themselves look like they’re raised, yet they’re not, and on the grid road, they looked like arrows pointing to the trees, as if those birds were trying to point us in the wrong direction. BTW, I enjoyed your new book v. much!

  3. Hi Tracy-

    I checked your bird tracks against those in a book called “Bird Tracks and Sign” and my guess is those are grouse tracks. Likely Ruffed Grouse, which are in the bush at St. Pete’s but may go on roads now and then to pick at grit. According to photos in the book, the outer toes of Raven tracks are not so widely spread, giving the overall track a narrower profile. They also have a curved look to them, with a longer hind toe, unlike these arrow-shaped tracks with a very short hind toe, typical of grouse.

    Have a great colony!

    Trevor H

  4. Cool! Thanks Trevor! That makes sense, as I heard the grouse this summer along the same grid road east of the abbey. And today a flock of Bohemian Waxwings were pecking at the large trees outside the college.

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