1. I’m not sure ridiculous is the word I would chose. Inappropriate is more the word that fits, inappropriate for the award. Unfortunate. And in a some way, sad that this happens more often than it should.

  2. Ok, I’ll vote. But first you have to explain what you mean by “know intimately”.

  3. “close: having, involving, or resulting from a close personal relationship”

    Which could entail a poetry relationship, or a personal relationship, or both. Familiarity with the poetry does not imply an intimacy with the work, but rather some form of poetry relationship, whether knowing the person well, or working on poetry with the person, would be an intimacy.

  4. funny, but I just wrote a letter to the ed@globe and mail re: this very subject vis-a-vis the GGs… they didn’t publish it… maybe that ‘s because I

    a) have slept with the publisher


    b) haven’t slept with the publisher


    c) all of the above

  5. just rc’d notice of some poetry judgement thingy going on… haven’t a clue as to what it is, who they are (well I know one of the “judges”), and I have to ask the question… other than publicity, what’s the point of these compoetitions? really… what is the point? how meaningful are they… there are 3 “jurors” passing judgement on 5 or 6 slim volumes (or is it volumns?) written by people they know or perhaps know of or perhaps have given a workshop or class to or…. and ultimately, for what? a couple hundred $…. so that someone can put a sticker on their book that says, “winner of the 2008 podunk poetry competition?”

    I think it’s divisive and unhelpful and somewhat destructive…

    this mystifies me, totally mystifies me…. will someone please fill me in… and by the way, I’m so out of the loop I don’t even know what the GG thing is about….

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