…and because winter seems to be here early, I’m going to spend my spare hours soaking in a hot bath with a book in hand (quite frankly, still the best place to read). Today after coffee with friends I found some new poetry in the big-box bookstore, by a few familiar names. I found Letters I Didn’t Write by John MacKenzie (the great PEI poet), which I’ve already read halfway through without the lap, lap of water on my legs, and Notebook of Roses and Civilization by Nicole Brossard. I had the pleasure of working with Nicole at Sage Hill awhile back, so I’m looking forward to reading this long, lean, and french-flapped book. And because of the GG controversy, I picked up A. F. Moritz’s The Sentinel, though I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to get anyone else that was on the poetry list. And because 3 books would only hold me for so long (the water stays warm for at least an hour, unless I get it too hot, in which case I can’t take it, and vacate the tub after only 5 or so poems), I found a copy of The Best American Poetry 2008 at the university bookstore this afternoon. Ah, I can hear the water running already.  (I should be good for a week or so.)