…was a hit with everyone that attended. Saskatoon author, shortlisted for three book awards this year, Pam Bustin and previous year’s winner for fiction Bernice Friesen arrived with coon tails, snakes, and rifles ready for a banging good time.


After four hours of decorating the Exchange began to look like an old west venue. People began piling in the door well before the appointed time, while our wandering crooner, Adam serenaded the crowd. The silent auction of a few inspiriational objects provided some more entertainment as people entered into a few bidding duels on some great items.


The readings were fantastic. All of the readers were shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Book Awards and are Regina authors. Alison Lohans started us out with a reading from This Land We Call Home, then Dan MacDonald read from MacGregor’s Hard Ice Cream and Gas, then Jeanne Pelletier’s daughter read from The Story of the Rabbit Dance, as well as teaching a few of us how to do the dance, and lastly Gerald Hill read (and sang) from his shortlisted poetry collection My Human Comedy.

Of course, the mc Jill and I tried to raise more money by offering pictures with ourselves for only $.25. A steal of a deal, really.


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  1. Thanks B! It was fun and the evening went smoothly. Your tiger was very brave, and I’m pleased to say he found a wonderful home.

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