6 thoughts on “SONS OF THE PIONEERS

  1. dan can’t ya see that big green tree where the water’s runnin free and it’s waitin there for you and me?

    keep a movin dan don’t ya listen to him dan he’s the devil not a man and he fills the burnin sand with water.

    My dad had a set of SOTP 45s in a little album box. They were green vinyl. Some kind of colour coding going on, because he also had an ave maria by someone else, and it was red vinyl. He didn’t have a record player though, so the records were just for looking at the pretty colours. Awww. Also, we walked to school barefoot, uphill both ways. five miles, if I recall.

  2. Hey Leona! My dad had an album. I remember the echo of water…water. Haunting almost. I’m having so much fun looking up old country songs. I’m freaked out by how many I know!

    Such a sad/hard life to have led with no record player.

  3. That is totally classic stuff. “Cool Water” is an unspeakably great song. My dad had it too.

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