…I know I’m busy–I procrastinate doing anything and write a post on the blog. It’s true; the more I need to do, the more I fritter away my time writing things that really don’t need to be writ, on the blog that really doesn’t need to be writ, on the web, that sometimes should be off the writ…see, see the dribble? See what I mean?

Tonight I’m making a list and checking it naught, of all the things I have to do within the next few weeks–astounding, even for me. So what I thought is that perhaps I should post a blog post, telling you to get yer butts off the couch and out to this reading by two wonderful Winnipeg writers,  Ariel Gordon and Kerry Ryan :

Nightowls & Newborns Launch

October 9th @ 7:30 pm
Rm. 208, Luther College/University of Regina
Regina, SK

In honour of their arrival, I’ve decided to clean the house, another reason I’m sitting at the computer writing a bunch of twitter. Isn’t twitter a good thing these days? Isn’t there a twitter among writers that to twitter is better than to totter? Or better than to teeter? (My apologies, how does one take anything I say seriously?) I imagine the house cleaning will eat up a good portion of my day (there is lots to do, not to mention lots of house), but my two lovely guests will be so much happier knowing they won’t have to wade their way through the piles of books, papers, and discarded proposals. (I’m in the midst of my MA proposal as well (I hunkered down at the computer for nearly a week, stared at the screen, typed an amazing amount of words, then began checking to see if anyone had sent me any email messages (only every 20 minutes), kept the fb open (uselessly), the chat on (vainly), while struggling to find that certain edge that will develop or at the very least put an end to the whole process.))

The following weekend, after another round of meetings (tell me again why I volunteer on so many committees?) I’m off to the SWG  AGM where James Romanow, renowned wine expert, is receiving the volunteer of the year award. Yah James! Also, I believe I owe him a bottle of wine after he let me beat him in scrabble. I think I will surprise him with something not of his choosing (he keeps going on about the quality, bah).

So here I am. Procrastinating the so many jobs at hand. And feeling not one bit of guilt that you have to read all this pratter. Heh.