…with a view. This is where I am for 3 days; not a bad place to be. Saw many writers I haven’t seen in a long time, and a surprise visit from Daniel Scott Tysdal who is back in Saskatchewan for awhile. It is a good conference so far, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow now that the bulk of my work is done here. Hopefully I can take a few more pictures and post them here, but who knows. Life has a way of getting in the way.

This is from my blackberry out the window of the Parktown. I’m on the 4th floor. There’s not much more.

An update (better late than never)

Here is a shot of Melanie Schnell, winner of the SWG short manuscript award for poetry reading from her long poem.

A shot of Daniel Scott Tysdal and James Romanow, in deep thoughts and listening (I hope).

Here is a lively shot of Katherine Lawrence and Glen Sorestad as they talk about love in poetry. It was more stimulating that the shot shows, and although I was substituting love for something else, and making my own notes for some sonnets I’m writing, I found the session useful to provide a platform for me to think deeper about the poems.

The infamous Gerald Hill Open Mike where I was introduced as a particular kind of bruiser. Meh.

The view from James Romanow’s 22nd floor apartment where we celebrated his Gary Hyland Award with champagne and lox.

And not one self-portrait while driving.

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