…would fall in love with the 7th anniversary issue of Forget magazine. As one of the muses in the issue do check it out. There are 19 new pieces of work by writers from across the country. Congrats to the magazine.

And yesterday, in search of his own Erato, there was a moose in the city.

4 thoughts on “ERATO

  1. B: Indeed cool and good; Kent Bruyneel has produced a fine magazine (with help from the other editors, of course). Great to be in a mag with you again.

    I passed the commotion yesterday on my way home, and didn’t know what it was until I saw the picture in the paper today. Too bad they don’t have the picture online.

    Maybe it was a she-moose and not a he-moose, she mused.

  2. Gerry: Glad it is of some use. I often wonder if it is so strange that wildlife is in the city, or stranger that we are the city.

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