12 thoughts on “THE CBC LITERARY

  1. you are so modest! blow your own horn girl… and don’t make us scan through the names!!!


  2. Thanks A and Sznn. I can’t say I’m the most modest person around, and I’m enjoying it indeed. It’s more fun to make everyone read the list to find my name I think. Or not.

  3. are you at colony? how was the medieval feast?

    say hello to “the boys” i.e. the monks for me

    and once again, well done you

  4. Sznn: I’m not at colony. Couldn’t afford both Banff and colony, so I opted to skip colony this year, tho I miss it (and everyone attending, and the boys) a great deal. Thanks again!

    Rhett: Yes. I know you are. But I have emoticons! 🙂

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