…is here. Now I’m wondering what happened to 2007, tho I know I was in it, and I know that I was busy; I still wonder why this thing called time moves at such a pace. I’m reminded of a line from the movie Dangerous Liasons. John Malkovich says: “It’s beyond my control.”

Of course, 2008 looks to be as busy, if not more. I hope to try to write more on the blog (something I’ve been rather lax about lately, and for no particular reason other than I’m lazy). I hope to visit Muenster, SK for a colony with some great people, and hopefully write my fingers raw. I plan on finishing the class portion of the MA and sink my teeth into the thesis portion (which would require a healing of the raw fingers so they can be abused again).

I spend a great deal of time wondering (daydreaming) how I can get back to Vienna without much money (haven’t yet figured it out). Aside: I think daydreamer should be officially labelled a job.

Lastly, I hope to clean and renovate my computer room, and thanks to a comment by Brenda, I’ve been daydreaming about a library within my space. I see books, shelves, order, rugs, soft lighting, comfy furniture, and me in this space.

A library–that may take years.