…is here. Now I’m wondering what happened to 2007, tho I know I was in it, and I know that I was busy; I still wonder why this thing called time moves at such a pace. I’m reminded of a line from the movie Dangerous Liasons. John Malkovich says: “It’s beyond my control.”

Of course, 2008 looks to be as busy, if not more. I hope to try to write more on the blog (something I’ve been rather lax about lately, and for no particular reason other than I’m lazy). I hope to visit Muenster, SK for a colony with some great people, and hopefully write my fingers raw. I plan on finishing the class portion of the MA and sink my teeth into the thesis portion (which would require a healing of the raw fingers so they can be abused again).

I spend a great deal of time wondering (daydreaming) how I can get back to Vienna without much money (haven’t yet figured it out). Aside: I think daydreamer should be officially labelled a job.

Lastly, I hope to clean and renovate my computer room, and thanks to a comment by Brenda, I’ve been daydreaming about a library within my space. I see books, shelves, order, rugs, soft lighting, comfy furniture, and me in this space.

A library–that may take years.

6 thoughts on “2008

  1. Happy ptarmigan counting in 2008!

    It will be soon won’t it! I shall try my hand at a creating a bread basket for our 5pm snack hour.

  2. That library sounds idyllic. Mine would be similar except for “order”.

    And, “Abused Fingers” sounds like a good blog title. I’m sure you’d get plenty of hits, too.

    I trust ’08 will be a great one for you, Tracy.

  3. Happy New Year Pete!

    I think I’m only daydreaming about order, or rather maybe fantasize would be a better word. And you’re right, “Abused Fingers” does sound like a great blog title.

  4. ah yes, order… I’m in the middle of dunging out my office… anything I haven’t used/touched in the past 12 months gets put into a box and boom, it’s out of here (or at least into the shed on the hill). Already I feel my words breathing easier.

    sorry to miss you at St. Pete’s… I’ll try for Sask. if you let me know of something fun/writerly etc.

  5. Happy New Year Suzanne!

    I know what you mean about clutter in the office. I like lots of stuff, but dislike clutter. I’m crowded right now because of renovations to other sections of the basement. Behind me on the floor is the past year’s canning, jars, bags, etc. They must find a new home, soon.

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