…I’ve been doing something totally off the beaten path in life–writing poetry. Go figure. So, to appease the blog-hungry folks out there who demand/desire to see a post (Rhett) I’m going to give you a poem that I’ve recently written, and when I say recent, it’s still in a draft phase, so any comments on improving it are welcome. This poem is a part of the recent trip of poems, but it doesn’t quite fit with the ms I’m working on.

the girl in the station

catches the eye of everyone waiting
for a train, stalled by minutes that overlap
toes ticking shoes clicking on the tile

one foot after another pacing
blood’s rooting rhythm inside our skin
light flashes from outside in

her glittery studded collar
society’s leash tightening the jeweled pulse
behavior in bad custody

a working girl’s manner of dress
shabby stockings, dark hair
dollish and battered she is

supported by a man with a bandaged nose
someone as nervous as I
when her head bangs

against her chest, the unknown
drug cruising her veins
like these trains we travel

on the quest to write
the world needling a point deep
into fixed tracks that grip

day’s anesthetized dance of one
to one, shuffled in a constant
narrowing where the past

struggles to find an empty seat
on what we leave before
forever shrinking behind