…is the day I walk across the stage after listening to a round of inspiring speeches and receive my BA Hons in English. The letters have been behind my name for the past 4 months, but having the piece of paper that says it is so, will solidify my relationship with my academic career. The time (6.5 years–if you don’t count the fact that I enrolled when I was 17 (and didn’t go to my classes)) actually flew by rather fast. There were times when I never thought I’d get done, times where the classes were overwhelming (Logic 100–it was formal logic (ech!)) and the full-time work/family just didn’t seem to mesh. There were times where I thought I’d never survive ( June 2004). But, alas in reflection, I lean back in my computer chair, type these words and think, it wasn’t that hard. It wasn’t that bad. In fact, maybe it was just right.

The ceremony is a bit subdued for me as I’m continuing on with my academic career by pursuing a MA in English with a Creative Thesis, a new program offered by the University of Regina this fall. I’m looking forward to the new program and the chance to be one of the first ones to dip my toes into the academic/creative creation. I’m hoping I remember how to swim by the time fall comes around. But, as I think right now, how hard can it be?