…this time I decided a sonnet was in order. As with the other one, I’ll be randomly editing this one, and as always comments or suggestions are welcome, and in fact, encouraged.

Author’s Generally Found Sonnet

Art for example, Kincaid’s painting, dawns.
Increase market conditions stipulate
what was last modified: January.
All text forgot like alternate endings!
Face explains. Text available, terms rights
details. Follow directions— note intent
membership once a month. Signature I
pod. Applicable: lack of newspapers.
Decorum broke. Already, uploaded—
able humbled beginners, complete, guide
everything could was last modified in
January: all text. Removal all
feeds, sites, maps, topics, player and Cohen.
No sharing individual colleagues.

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER SPAM POEM

  1. Antia–In the words of someone (sorry for the cliche): if you can’t beat it, join it. 😀

    Actually, it’s rather fun. Once I remove the text that seems non-english, rearrange the lines, it somehow seems to be “something” as opposed to being the nothing it was before.

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