…of you already know, after 6 1/2 years, I’ve finished my honours BA in English, and while I contemplate applying for an MA with a creative writing option (something that must get done shortly), I’m also furiously (if that’s possible) working on 2 manuscripts. My posting will be more sporatic than ever, and in the months of February and April, probably non-existent as I write and research my work.

For those who want to hear some poetry being read, you can listen along to Zach Wells and myself at 39 Dover St. The time is a 7 hour difference if you have a short wave radio. I do, but don’t know where it is. This link will allow you to hear it regardless.

11 thoughts on “AS MANY

  1. Longshot because from the website it sounds fairly difficult to get into. Plus, my marks and general lack or small amount of publishing may not be in my favour.

    But, might as well try. I am a different man now, I swear. Oh, please sir, let me in.

  2. Good luck. They have online registration don’t they? Make sure you get the application in before the deadline.

  3. It’s going to have to wait a year. Deadline is tomorrow. Which is probably better. Not really ready for it.

  4. Well, you should apply then in fall; that’ll give you plenty of time to prepare, to figure out whether you really want this or not.

    Do they have any classes in creative writing that you can either audit or take? That might be an idea? Either now or fall?

  5. Hello Tracy,

    The signal was very loud all over Europe.
    5775 kHz is a the bottom of the 49 meter band.
    If you have a digital receiver, you just punch
    kHz. Will try and put it on again this week,
    although I have two poets from South Africa
    lined up. Will let you know. Creative Writing
    sounds good – wish I had time. Doing a course
    in Environmental Management at the moment.
    Something to do with Recreational Waters – Beaches
    over here. Hope some of your bloggers have some
    comments about the programme. I can take things
    on the chin. Bfn.

  6. Hey Stephen: the link came out loud and clear. I couldn’t find the short-wave radio–I think its packed away with much of camping/cottage going gear. Environmental Management sounds interesting. Thanks for putting me on the program.

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