…a new post card arrived in the mail today. Thanks Annette.

And here is something from The Carillon newspaper interview with Oliver Stone–the line has captivated me all afternoon–I think, because I write and face the rejection squad numerous times a year, this sentiment rings true–I can’t find the exact quote, I thought it would be online, but apparently not so; it was something like this: we can only know ourselves by our defeat. We can only see outside ourselves by seeing our failures. So true, methinks–but even then, do we really see?

3 thoughts on “TWO THINGS

  1. I don’t know if we can ever fully see ourselves. I mean, our failures are but one part, our successes another, and then there’s our almost-there times and the didn’t-even-try times. And then there’s all the parts that we don’t even see…

    Things that make one go, Hmmm…

  2. I’m one of those people who in sunny weather, say they like to be challenged…and then whines when things get hard (i.e. challenging).

    I’ve been known to exclaim: “But I already have enough character!”

  3. Berlynn: I’m wondering if time plays the most important part here. By the time we realize our failures, we’re no longer the person that failed, but I suppose, at the same time, our successes only give us the same fabrications in ourselves.

    Ariel: I think our estimation of the challenge is the best part; the actual execution of the challenge is, well, challenging.

    As far as writing challenges, for some reason it seems I distrust what is too easy, as I often find myself writing to it, not in response to it, or even in contradiction to it (I like to think that some of my best work has been written in contradictory responses to negative comments–but then, what do I know of my own work).

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