…again, this time by Amy.

Well, a meme. That’s something I’m not sure I want to give away. Five little-known things about me. Hmmm. Well. Let’s see what I can come up with that may or may not shock you.

1. It’s not that I don’t like country music, it just doesn’t like me.

2. I own a guitar, but rarely play.

3. I dislike chaos, but like spontaneous gestures.

4. I’m not fond of crowds, but I like to talk.

5. I can talk for hours and not say anything.

7 thoughts on “I’VE BEEN TAGGED

  1. This is better:

    “The fortune in your soul is tagged by chaos.”

    I knew I missed my calling: fortune cookie writer.

    “Invite writers to explore hidden talents.”

  2. Uh, you might want to find another one, cuz, uh, well, your # 4 is uh, well, how does one say it politely, uh, y’know?

  3. It sucks? #4 is a paradox? #4 is for the garbage?

    Door #1, door #2, or door #3?

    (Where’s Monty Hall when I really need him.)

    “She who writes meme’s writes inadequately.”

    Ok, all fun aside, yes, quite frankly they’re meant to ambiguously odd. The sum of the 5, a bit  vague, a bit off, like me (a little known fact? perhaps not).   😉

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