… 2D:4D, but what does it all mean? I’m not sure they think they know, but staring at my hand for 10 minutes, although rather an unusual thing to do while at a computer, is somehow entertaining. No matter what I do my index finger is longer than my fourth finger.

5 thoughts on “I’M A HIGH

  1. Ok, I could have some fun with this comment, or I could simply say, yes, it’s too bad you’re not. Then again, you’ve been pretty girly, mostly I’m thinking about the door-bell ringing episode at Sage Hill, and the diva tantrums you throw when you don’t get your own way, so now that I’ve come to think about it, you’re a girl.

  2. TANTRUMS?!?!

    Yes, I’m melodramatic, but what’s with this current trend of beating on poor Rhett via the internet.

    The Sage Hill thing was more schoolboy, I would say.

    Yes, I realized I set myself up for the joke and I meant to.

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