A poem

…really takes on new meaning when listened/watched like this. Or this. Or this (I’m for the saucy postcards. I like postcards. The last one I got in the mail was last week: Picasso’s La Joie de Vivre (thanks Annette)–I tried to get a picture, but unfortunately the flash got in the way of the picture, and I couldn’t get it on camera very well).

Tomorrow night is the final reading from the SWG mentorship program. As an ex-apprentice I enjoy seeing the new apprentices read from their work. It’s an amazing program– I did my mentorship with Judy Krause–her influence has been extensive and invaluable to me.

5 thoughts on “A poem

  1. loved the poem/cartoons

    i’ve posted something on my blog
    that mentions them, redirecting
    people to your site

    i was mentored by Sheldon Oberman
    back in 1996,i think it was

    he died (much too early) a few years ago

    Manitoba’s Mentorship Program
    is now named for him

    i think of him often

  2. I met Sheldon Oberman in 2000 at the SWG Spring Conference. What an incredible man! Lucky, lucky you, Ken, that you were mentored by him.

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