A list

…of what I rummaged up yesterday (the books were very picked over).

Territories–Elizabeth Allen
Blue Windows–Catherine Buckaway
Silence of the Country–Kristjana Gunnars
Cereus Blooms at Night–Shani Mootoo
Dark Halo–Mick Burrs

They were all $1.00 with the exception of Mootoo which was $.50. Sigh. I think I’m almost set for the summer reading frenzy. Or not.

3 thoughts on “A list

  1. Awesome. (To be honest I’ve never heard of those books. *smile*- but I’ll look a few up.)

    I hope to find some good buys this summer to upgrade my kids book choices for summer reading. We homeschool and they read at least 1 hour a day so those books just fly by!


  2. I looked those books up online. The Cereus one looks interesting. I might see if the library has that one.


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