9 thoughts on “While I was gathering bark

  1. let me guess
    bird watching?

    was it a big nut
    hatch? did you spot
    a spotted ‘pecker?
    the owl? or perhaps
    the three-toed sloth
    rumoured to be AWOL
    from The Humbolt Zoo?

    which reminds me
    during my flight home to Winnipeg
    i may have spotted a moose
    but it was hard to be sure
    what with the plane at 39,000 ft
    jetting along at 490 mph
    and no field guide handy

    at that height
    saskatchewan is truly flat
    the exact colour and texture
    of my woebegone long-johns.


  2. jees ariel

    i have no words
    to reply to
    your question

    i guess you’ve got me

  3. Hey Ken,

    I was mostly riffing on Brenda’s lippyness (versus your cheek)…

    But nice to see you, albeit electronically, albeit via a Regina-based blog.

  4. hi Ariel,

    are you going to or reading at
    the freedom to read thingy
    at McNalley’s?

    Gloe’s reading this Sat.
    i think around 8 or 9

    i bought the perfect t-shirt today
    for the event (yes, even i go out
    shopping from time to time)

    it’s navy blue or maybe black
    with gold lettering

    the words are set out
    like an eye test chart

    it says:

    reading my t-shirt

    Zellers $10


  5. Do Canadians use the term barking mad? For some reason, it just sprang to mind after reading the Ken & Ariel exchange… Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

  6. While I don’t use the expressing ‘barking mad’ I do bark AT people while rolling my eyes in way that makes them doubt my sanity…

  7. Ooookaaaay… I’ll just back off slowly, trying not to make any sudden movements…

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