…is what I’m hoping this post won’t do. It seems Blogger took my words far too seriously about not posting much and helped me out by messing with my blog for awhile. I hope its got its little quirks worked out this time. I was wondering if I wasn’t next on the list, but this morning I noticed I’m still here–well, physically–and the blog has returned, even though the posts haven’t; I guess it’ll have to do.

I’m getting ready this week to leave for St Pete’s to do a couple of weeks of solid writing. I’ll take my camera so hopefully, if I have time, I will be able to post some pictures. As I was backing up all my files this week and copying them to cd, I thought how easy it was these days to take all my files, my laptop, my discs (even my printer is smaller) with me when I go away writing. Then I thought, maybe in some ways, it was simpler when all you had to do was carry your handy typewriter and 10 pounds of paper with you. No threats from viruses that are ready to wipe out years of work in 5 minutes, no computers willing to stop, drop and roll, and no internet glitches in communication that are beyond your control. But then again, (I learned to type on a machine much like the one pictured here (which was a birthday present this year)), I’m certainly happy I don’t have to pack this thing, nor type on it, and even though I wasn’t able to communicate for some days, I’m able to type this up in less than 5 minutes and have it out on the www in no time at all. More complicated, yes, but somehow more suitable.

2 thoughts on “Disappearing

  1. I’ll likely do a couple weeks of liquid writing. Or maybe even gaseous. Or broken. Or flimsy. Or untenable, incoherent, or even unreliable.

  2. Ahunh. Somehow I doubt it. 🙂

    (Nevertheless, we’re all unreliable narrators anyway).

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