More thoughts to pause on

While I did get the digital camera I wanted for Christmas, I didn’t get Candace Savage’s Crows (just in case anyone reading this might still want to buy me something. Or not). My adopted state of pause has given me another reason to pause recently as I’ve managed to spy some of the creatures in the city. ( And as odd as this might sound, I say “spy” loosely as crows seem to like to make themselves known to me; they seem to always let me know when they are around, but not in an odd way, just a crow way). I know that most of our crows–we don’t have ravens in this part of the province– retire to more southerly climes for the winter (of course, they are smart birds); however, I’ve seen more of them than I suspected was possible this winter. (If I can, I will try to get a photo of one). There are always rumours of the odd crow sticking around for winter, but I don’t recall seeing as many as I have this winter. I’ve always assumed the snow makes food harder to come by. I’m not sure whether our mild winter has let them to take up a more permanent place in the city, or whether they simply like giving me reason to pause, again and again.