Dr. No

…was the movie of choice in film class last night. Themes, such as tradition, culture, and dystopia were what we were supposed to study and know. Bond, in Sean Connery fashion was quite the dapper guy, dribbling all over Honey (Ursula Andress–who’s voice was dubbed with someone else). The funniest scene of the whole movie for me was Bond emerging from his hiding place on Dr. No’s island to drool over bikini clad Honey, who has made it to the island all by herself in search of conch shells to sell (she’s enterprising anyway). Bond, on the other hand, had to rely on the CIA and a local to get him to the island. Honey, of course, tells him to leave her alone, she’ll be fine. So, as Bond movies often go, he doesn’t and they get hunted down and shot at a few times. Bond, of course, decides after all the shooting to save the girl, but the shots have left her boat full of holes. Bond then turns to the other guy and yells frantically: “What do we do with her now?” Smarmy.