Not sure

…about much today; spent the day in some dystopic fog. On the plus side, no cars dying on any major streets, no nails–finger or toe– flying off to seek their own unwarped vision, nothing at all really happening, but then maybe the fog is the nothing happening. I watched a movie tonight: Nothing. I tried get another from the library, but am unable, even after I was able to pay my hefty fine today. (I have the natural ability to always be late returning books to the RPL). The movie is not available for request. So, I went in search for something external (somehow that seems like a contradiction) on the net to validate my paused state. Art installations sometimes give me reason to pause. Is it possible to pause an already paused state?

3 thoughts on “Not sure

  1. Another fine?!

    It never fails. When I see or hear the word “pause” I immediately picture paws and paw prints. The most vivid are the wolf tracks we saw a few months back. How large they were, H’s hand as a measure. At that moment I felt very small and very alive.

  2. Clarification: I didn’t mean nice that you felt small, but that you felt alive.

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