The randomness of any particular event should be liberating. Especially if it randomly occurs shortly after thinking about something random occuring. (If that makes sense). I’m thinking about Einstein and his dislike of quantum–theory/mechanics/physics and the choice of random events in our lives. Mostly, I think this ties in with my randomly dying car, the random lapses of time I’ve lost this week, or even the random way I found the article. The randomness of entangled living these days leads me to wonder about my own thinking, about what’s real, or, at least what’s real to me. If it’s random is it real? If it’s real how can it be random? This quote from the article struck me as curious: “science was about the results of experiments, not ultimate reality”. Are they trying to convince me it’s otherwise? I wonder how long science will search for their own random reality?

4 thoughts on “"Entanglement"

  1. Good link, Tracy. This has fascinated me for quite some time, but it also messes with my head. Much of quantum theory is so far removed from what we believe is ‘real’ that it’s impossible not to come away with your thoughts spinning in both directions at once. I do wonder whether ‘process philosophy’ (reality is process/experience rather than ‘stuff’) might resolve some of the apparent counterintuitiveness of QT. Food for thought, I guess (Schrödinger’s cat food?)

  2. I haven’t read Brian Greene–I’ll check it out, thanks. I also found this amusing poem about the cat.

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