This was the line-up last night at the MNP reading, though not in this order. Clockwise from top left: Rhett Soveran, Dan Tysdal, Kris Brandhagen and lastly, me.

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  1. I thought it went well. I really enjoyed our enormous differences and all the little things that connected us.

  2. Last, but I’m sure not least. (Not that I’m suggesting there was a least… ergh, I think I’ll shut up.) Sorry I couldn’t be there, Tracy, but it’s just a wee bit far… ;^)

  3. Maybe next time–and you can join us in reading!

    Thanks to everyone who came out and to those who read. It was wonderful.

  4. Hey! I’m glad to hear it went well. I survived the trip to Saskatoon to watch my niece get battered about by the boys on skates against whom she plays hockey. And I think I have a damned good poem out of it, too!

    See y’all soon,


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