…are what I’ve been dealing with for the last hour or so. I don’t normally get them, but when I do they last a long time. Everyone has a cure, but tonight I’ve sat at my computer writing and my computer couldn’t care less. In fact, this is one thing I feel certain I’m alone in trying to cure. Funny, but I’ve never realised the extent a writer is alone until I’m faced with a case of the hiccups. And there is this: the struggle with trying to end this state quietly, simply. Also funny: it’s just the hiccups (but in my mind it’s always something bigger, what if it’s this, or this, or even just simply this…). What then? Hiccups make us mortal. Or is that immortal? Actually, who can tell when the screen keeps rising, and, just as suddenly, setting? Or is that settling? Or simply it is all this: unsettling.

4 thoughts on “Hiccups

  1. I feel for you Tracy! Hiccups can be very unsettling. I’ll spare you my home remedy, as I’m sure they’ve passed by now. If not…worry. According to the Guness Book of World Records, Charles Osborne hiccuped from 1922 to 1990. Obviously he never tried MY cure…

  2. Ok, I’m curious–your cure is?

    (They finally went away around 12:30 am).

  3. Long enough! Glad they finally went away.

    My cure is simple — drink water upside down. More specific:
    – Hold tall glass of water in hand
    – Bend 90 degrees at waist, holding water in front of you
    – Place lips on opposite side of glass rim you usually drink from.
    – Bend further, tipping glass so that you are drinking water
    – Drink it all Glup! Glup! Glup!

    It really works. One or two tries and you won’t even end up with water up your nose šŸ˜‰

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