I’m broke, I no longer feel
like an empowered shopper.
Because somewhere out there lurks–probably
more like lounges–a rockstar with an affection
for the term “paradox”.
Because choice shouldn’t be hard. Because
comparison’s are meaningless.
Because people I know read too much.
Because somewhere out there gleans a man
reading the rainbow or a runcible spoon, or a woman
reading this blog. Because life is.
Because we are. Because anything is everything
by believing it is something.

Happy Holidays–until next week…
because we choose it so.

4 thoughts on “Because

  1. You may be broke in the sense of being a disempowered shopper, Tracy, but you’re rich in far more important ways. Especially language.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Because

    Red lipstick glows with reminiscence and sticks like glue
    Because I evolve around poets with big hair and obsessions with mothers
    Because I have to attend a candlelight service with a hickie on my neck
    Because I will wake up tomorrow and will still have red on me
    Because my skins mimics the colour of the season and especially
    because I need to understand the traditions of a season
    I will say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and never
    know what it means.

  3. Nice! Esp. the hickie part. Hmm, at least you’ve got the red part down for Christmas. (I would think you’re doing well in the tradition part then).

    I do hope the hickie maker is not still attached to you as you attend the service?

    (She did seem nice, and so unlike you, but in a way, she suits the new paradoxical you. Hmm. She’s also making her mark on you).

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