I love thinking about the perfect title for anything I write. This love of the title has left me wondering why people label pieces of creative work as “untitled”. (I’m trying to write a poem based on this practice). There are many here if you search for “untitled“. I see creativity “untitled” not only in poetry, but in many art forms, (scroll down to “title it”), and even in the naming of groups—is there something I’m missing? Maybe the function of the “untitled” is an abstraction I haven’t yet understood? How is it possible so many creative endeavours venture to be different by titling their work “untitled”? Is there uniqueness in similarity? Sometimes I want shout: pick a name, any name. Call it Sue, Bill, Jane, Ted, whatever, but calling it “something” is the key. How many poems are titled “Something“? Since when does the title not matter? To me, the beginning can end something faster than a word meets the eye. Call me untitled, but the title seems like something to me.