…time for a quiz! At first I scored 1/10, then the next time I pretty much closed my eyes and picked and was awarded with 6/10. Who says you have to know anything! When in doubt, close your eyes and pick (that sounds, well…like some cheesy line almost).

4 thoughts on “It’s

  1. Re: the cheese
    “Do you have a map? I just keep on getting lost in your eyes.”

    Replace eyes with ears. 🙂

  2. Yeesh! 3/10 for me. I’m even more confused…I didn’t think Taiga was an Inuit word for snow. I thought it was a Russion word meaning “Land of little sticks” — the kind of country Yellowknife and others is in just below the treeline. Oh well. I am enriched.

  3. Brenda: I think that’s part of the problem, replacing eyes with ears! 🙂

    You both did better than I did the first time. This test reminded me of a true or false test I did in Logic a few years back. I scored 1/20 right. What are the odds of that? I think when confused I automatically gravitate to the wrong answer!

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