Holiday Fun

I spent over 2 hours yesterday searching for the perfect tree. Perfect is an understatement these days as real trees appear to be a dying tradition (the fake artificial kind seems to be infiltrating the homes of those sworn to nothing but realism). My dilemma isn’t the straightest, the most full, or the lushest looking tree, but perhaps, is the quest for the tallest; I look for a tree that is at least 9 to 12 feet. My living room ceiling is a cathedral ceiling and the kids love a tree that stretches itself up to the ceiling. Usually, if luck has it, and I find one reasonably priced enough, we will find a tall one, and put it in a corner, as we only have enough decorations for half of a 10 foot tree. This doesn’t bother anyone. The bigger the better. In the past we’ve struggled to find one tall enough and this year wasn’t any different; 9-12 foot trees are slim pickings. This year, two hours after starting (which in a city renowned for its 20 minutes from one place to the next driving time, is extreme) a 10 foot tree was finally found. Now it’s up, decorated, and stands in front of the picture window and the street, letting the people that pass by gape with envy, (or at least we pretend it’s so) and honestly, no matter what people think about dead needles, the extra hassle, or even the dried out state of the trees, 10 feet of real Scotch Pine, standing slightly off-kilter, is perfect.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Fun

  1. This year I’ve left my convenient but fake tree under the stairs. Yesterday Jim picked us out a perfect tree. Haven’t seen it yet, apparently the old stand we have isn’t perfect, so I must wait until later today when we pick up a new one. Looking forward to that scent!

  2. The scent of real pine is worth it! Nothing says the Holidays like a real tree, except for maybe $50,000, or a new VW Beetle in that lovely lime green shade, or that trip for two to Bali, or…

  3. …or a twelve year old shopping for her sister and her Christmas sock-hop who tells me that everything I suggest is “just so wrong,” and that maybe I should take up knitting (okay, that last part was just in my head, which was better than me running around in circles screaming and pulling on my ears, which was my first and second impulse after three hours of being “just so wrong”).

    I love the holidays šŸ™‚

    I also love the tree, which smells very good, and is making a lovely tinkling sound as needles hit hardwood.

    I’ve given it water, and am hoping it will stop shedding a bit. Jim thinks sugar-water might be better. have you heard anything about that?

  4. I haven’t heard of sugar water but I have heard of sprite, or something carbonated. Also, one year someone told me to put in those packages of fertilizer from the flowers that are never used. I haven’t tried that but the sprite thing seemed to work, or maybe I just thought it did. Maybe sugar would do the same?

  5. I shall try the sprite…if I can wrestle a bottle away from my girls šŸ˜‰

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