Are you dreaming of a vacation away from the tropical storms of life? Need a rest from the weary beaches of snow, the drift of monotony boring into the brain, the swell of a blizzard so great you run to the nearest airport and head for Cuba? Fly to the land of the mojito, cigars, beaches, and relaxation. No, I’m not giving away a free trip for two to the pristine palaces lingering on the shores, and no, I haven’t been offered a job as travel consultant, but I have been told by the wonderful storyteller Kevin MacKenzie about Nereida Herrera Samuels, one of Cuba’s finest professional Narradoras. Nereida is offering customized tours of Old Havana, complete with stories of the Revolution, stories about growing up in Cuba, stories about the people of Cuba, and stories about stories about stories. It sounds like an outstanding opportunity. For more information about the tours contact Kevin by phone toll free 1 (866) ALL PLAY, or by email:

And speaking of Kevin, watch out for the Christmas Story Sled plowing through Regina this December. It’s organized by volunteers from the Regina Storytelling Circle. Keep an eye out for their next location, and for their reindeer. Contact Kevin for more info.