Two things

…I’m doing tonight. One: the essay I’ve so procrastinated on–its almost done, I have almost 11 pages of garbage to sort through. It’s due tomorrow. Two: surfing here and looking for a Russian poet–Svetlana something or other– mentioned by Patrick Friesen the other night at a reading. His poem about her death still holds me.

6 thoughts on “Two things

  1. *Sigh*

    Yes. Not good but done.

    Sigh (heavier).

    Sigh (heaviest one yet).
    (Oh the drama!)

  2. I swear if no one ever kicks me in the nuts I am never going to learn:

    Why don’t we forget that the paper was
    late? I won’t take off late marks, and I
    hope that you feel better soon. Best, M.


    In any case, my paper went okay. Unfortunately, my thesis was not that solid. Trying to nail down time/narration… just don’t think I quite got it. My examples were solid I think. Probably could have used one more story, but I was very sleepy. I feel like I let down Grace and Faith though and I don’t know that I am okay with that. Well, I am because I handed in the paper…

    I think I need my own blog.

  3. Congrats you two. I expect nothing short of an A from the both of you.

    rx*, a tutor with steel toed boots might do the trick. Where’s that blog?

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