Thinking about thinking

“The mind, when it feels or intuits, finds its object in something sensuous; when it imagines, in an image; when it wills in an aim. But in contrast to, or it may be only in distinction from, these forms of its existence and of its objects, the mind has also to gratify its highest and most inward life, thought. Thus the mind renders thought its object”–G.W.F. Hegel Encyclopaedia.

6 thoughts on “Thinking about thinking

  1. Hegel has nothing on Saussure.

    I’m a mother fucking Structuralist for life!!!

    I am sorry about swearing, but this place feels so proper and every time I come here I feel so tense. You can delete me, if you wish. But this is how I roll.


  2. And you are such a rockstar. Or diva. Proper. Ha. What were you hoping for? Corruption? Tense. Ha.

  3. Interesting blog, T.

    At my meditation class today we talked about thought, how each thought is a construct and how any thought is really just a thought, nothing more, nothing less. And it’s really interesting how much we attach, in this culture, to thought, how paramount thought is, when really, it’s just another thought…


  4. And I woulda thought it’s all about me…uh, no, I mean, all about experience.


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