An Epic Post

Recently, many conversations have revolved around the epic. This handy list was included in my Greek Mythology class last year, but I was able to find it useful in assessing Margaret Laurence’s children’s book Jason’s Quest. The one thing that fascinates/irks me most about epic literature is that the hero is always a man, although writers in modernism tried to alter the view. According to my epic understanding of life, doesn’t the princess liberate the prince?

3 thoughts on “An Epic Post

  1. Oh, but of course the princess liberates the prince, but he has to want to be liberated.

    With tongue firmly planted in cheek,


  2. You always have to be such a damn feminist B. But, that’s probably why I love you so. Where’s the mother? Where’s the mother?

    Epic seems much to large for my life. Nothing can ever be setttled in a word. Instead of telling everyone that Grace Paley is a damn good writer, I have to say that over and over again for 12 pages.


  3. But, what about Faith as a mother? Maybe she’s a hero for liberating what’s his nuts and raising her children without him?

    I’m sure B-) will agree, all mothers are heroes! And princesses.

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