…is what I’m dubbing interest in blogging. I say “interest” but with me I mean renewed interest; however, as I was cleaning out old unused blogs from my links section I seemed to be adding more than removing. What is this new interest in the blog? Is it a step back from social networking (a kind of back off and get your own blog thing)? Does it matter?

I have nothing but praise for those that still blog (as a sporadic blogger lately, this is salutable), and I have nothing but praise for those willing to join the ranks. There is something more for me to sink my head into than just a status update, something more than an event invitation, something more than scrabble and lexulous (okay, confession time: I, shuffle, shuffle, kick some snow, like playing scrabble and lex), but you get my snowdrift (and yes, seven months of snow does have an impact on the inner workings of the brain).

So in getting back into blogging I’ve updated my links and such, and added to my already great list:

Shelley Banks, Leona Theis’s new blog, Amanda Earl, Kathleen Wall (love the handmade quilts), and another one today Cassidy McFadzean, pointed out by blog guru Brenda Schmidt.


Update: Here are a few more Saskatchewan blogs to savour: Leeann Minogue and Jennifer Wynne Webber and Anne McDonald.

7 thoughts on “REVIVAL MEETING(S)

    • Yes a guru indeed! Three quarters of my blogging knowledge is from you, the other quarter I fake.

      And I agree–the blogging matters–maybe more now in the scheme of social networking than ever.

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