…of tree seems to be hard to get these days. Unless of course one is willing to spend $120 dollars on a Balsam fir. And this doesn’t include the fact that simply buying a real tree is getting harder and harder to do, the lots are fewer, the trees fewer, the sizes smaller. Thank goodness for Doulgas Fir!! Not as expensive as the Balsam, not as uniform, and somehow it’s delightfully imperfect. Anyone can have a perfect fake tree, but it takes real space to have a real tree! As you can also see by the emptiness underneath, it takes real money too. At least this year, there’s still space in the living room for the couch. This year, when the holidays are all over, I’m turning the ceiling fan on.

8 thoughts on “TEN FEET

  1. Don’t forget the Habs goalie–somewhere deep inside the tree, next to a sap lesion. And have fun under that tree.

  2. wow. now that’s a tree. you’ll have to take video of ceiling fan meets tree. it’ll be like the Cage match of canadian poetry, except a bit more exciting…

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