…Yes. It’s true. I handed in the thesis. I’m feeling lightheaded. It wasn’t quite complete–there are five more pages of introduction to pen away, then revise, but as I’m fond of saying, how hard can it be?

That said, I’m preparing for Mayday. You’ll find all the info you need on the site, including what I hope to do, though I haven’t quite got my head wrapped around where to start my project. I’m sure something will hit me soon. Maybe snow in the eye.

And, to add to the dirt I am shovelling at you, I thought I would give you taste of the summer Sage Hill Anniversary (come to my salon tomorrow and you’ll find out more, or less about the experience), but I thought I would share some Richard Ford stories with you. Pare them down into one post. Make you want to join us in our celebrations by enticing you with Ford. Did I mention Richard Ford is coming to town? That’s realism.

7 thoughts on “DIRTY REALISM

    • Thanks Pete! I will celebrate in little bits, as the word “nothing” doesn’t seem to appear in my vocabulary. The busier the better it seems, or at least that way I don’t get into too much trouble. 🙂

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