…is in the basement, the roast is in the oven, the fan is on, the intro is almost three pages long, the thesis is almost done, the colony applications are flying in, the snow has nearly melted, the birds have all returned, the garden is muddy, the mall is still only a block away, and the used books are adorning the shelves, all ready to grace the eager hands of those, like me, that want to take them home from the great annual Regina Symphony Book Sale, which starts tomorrow. Woot!! (Where will I put more books??)

2 thoughts on “THE WATER

    • I hope so! I was standing on my tiptoes trying to peek at the poetry section today, while the volunteers busily set up the sections of books. They usually have a really great selection. I hope it’s good again this year. I’m planning on getting over there by 10am if I can get out of my robe tomorrow morning. If not I’ll have to walk over in it. Why not?

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