…whether my day has been distinctly foul, or if it’s some bizarre environmental climate change that has made me scowl today at pretty much everything and everyone, but I’m relieved to see there is relief, in some way, shape, and form. (There’s more in the table of contents if you’re brave enough to read them.)

3 thoughts on “NOT SURE

  1. In my recent reading on the evolution of language, I found out that obscenities don’t come from the same part of the brain as the rest of language. They come from the older lizard-brain parts, the same parts that are the home of crying and laughing. Yes, you were right, when you thought your three-month-old was swearing at you. He was screaming the tune, though he didn’t know the words.

  2. Bernie, I suppose that explains the almost theraputic feeling I get when I say an expletive.

    A: Hmm. Perhaps I have one or two kicking about. None as amusing as these though! And I would love to see yours! Maybe I have a new Mayday theme! šŸ™‚

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