Do cars need more room in a parking stall?
Do health food stores bag your purchase in plastic bags?
Does -15 feel warm?
Does the wind hurl itself through a coat, two sweaters, and a scarf?
Do people drive in the middle of the road?
Does the sun seem so deceptively bright?
Do lineups slow when I get in line?
Do bubbly cashiers annoy me?
Does the gas leap .10 higher, but only drops .01 at a time?
Does the produce look like frozen mush?
Do do I buy more than I can carry, after walking to the store?
Don’t they make hats large enough for my head?

14 thoughts on “WINTER WISE

  1. Ha! Ya, what’s with the tiny hats!? I buy men’s hats. They have different sizes. The women’s hats I see are one size. As if! Hats make me mad.

  2. I’ve no idea B. Do most people have tiny heads? Are writers an anomaly? I want something that goes over my ears, because when that wind blows, she blows through my hair, and my poor, once sheltered ears are cold. But I must be fashionable!! Annette has been on the hunt for a super-large tam, but I’m fussy; I must look great while being warm.

  3. Oh, yes– the hat dilemma. I agree with you, Brenda…only men’s hats fit me. Other women’s heads don’t look particularly small to me, so who’s buying all these doll-sized hats?

    Now, were I to live in the far North, I might risk the wrath of the Heather Millses and the B. Bardots and spring for a big, warm fur thing, like something out of a Russian novel. “Down South” here, you don’t dare.

    (And speaking of things that keep us warm, I’m making good use of my aunt’s fur coat (recycling–better than putting it in a landfill) — perfect for both a dry prairie and a damp maritime cold)…

    Here are some hats to think on….

  4. Thanks, Ms winterwriter! A great link! Too bad the ones I like are all sold out. Does this mean I have average taste? Humph.

    Annette did find me one. Kind of like a tam/rasta hat. And black, one of my favorite shades!

    I have an old fur coat hanging in the closets here somewhere too. I’ve not thought of doing hats with it, but that might be something to think about. Maybe a muff. Heh.

  5. I want to know why all the women’s hats are so large. I have to buy my hats in the kids’ section. (Pink stripes and yellow butterflies, anyone?) If I put on a one-size women’s hat, the only thing that stops it from resting on the bridge of my nose is the fact that it first comes to rest on my glasses.

  6. Yes, I’m afraid I’m a pin-headed woman, too. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit it. Do I have a smaller brain????? Smaller hair, for sure in comparison to some people around here. T, you remind me of Susan Sarandon in The Witches of Eastwick.

  7. Sznn–a sun? I’m confused. Even with the sun, one needs a hat in the winter, just to keep the wind out of the hair.

    Leona and Bernie–maybe it’s just a Saskatoon thing. Although I suspect the hair does play a small role in my hat size, although even when I had it only an inch long, and dyed platinum blonde (because at the time, it seemed like a good idea), I still had trouble finding hats that fit my head.

    And Bernie, I am a witch, ask anyone. šŸ™‚

  8. Thick hair counts for more than you think, even when crew-cut, but I’m a fool for lecturing YOU about hair. I had to cinch my hat considerably tighter when I was bald.

  9. No, no no! RAnt, Scream, complain all you want! RAge. No one should ever shut up because there are people starving on Neptune. The only voice we would ever hear, the only one who would have the right to emote, would be someone beaten to death by his own mother the day he was born. I forget how cancer talk might effect people. Not having hair was quite nice, really. Please go on, and then, I’ll tell you all about this fucking awful hangnail I’ve got.

  10. There are people starving on Neptune? I didn’t know!

    I imagine not having hair would be the least of one’s worries, at the time.

    Hangnails suck.

  11. I actually don’t have a hangnail. Let’s talk about bra shopping now.

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