3 thoughts on “MUSHROOMS ANYONE?

  1. Very nice, T…we’ve got similar little brown jobbies here in Lumsden. I know that because I was scrounging at the treeline this morning before breakfast.

    I suppose I can’t lure you away for second-hand shopping this Saturday, can I? Sigh…a trip to SK and no T. Very sad.

  2. Hey A–I am at work on Sat, but if you’re coming in, I would love to meet you guys for supper at Bushwakkers. I don’t have Jeanette’s email, so tell her to email me!

  3. Will do, T.

    And Bushwakkers sounds lovely, though Jeanette said there are plans afoot to meet at the Freehouse. But between the three of us, I’m sure we’ll figure something out. I would very much like to see you, if at all possible…

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