…and theft. I suppose I’ve never thought of a list of the most popular book thefts. As one who spends a huge portion of a relatively non-existent paycheck on the purchase of books, keeping them stacked in some order of disorder, I’ve never really considered the possibility of nipping a book for resale. I guess one could say the whole thing is, stranger than fiction.


“Poetry atrophies when it gets too far from music.”–Ezra Pound

4 thoughts on “BOOKS

  1. re: your poundism

    should all poetry be read aloud?

    should all poets be musicians?

    what is the chance that so much “poetry” is flat because the poets don’t have “ears”?


  2. Sznn: So many questions, so little time. For Pound, the sound was an important part of creating meaning in the poem, an important part to his poetic ideas. As Pound claims “[t]here are three kinds of melopoeia, that is, verse made to sing; to chant or intone; and to speak” (61).

    Are there poets that are tone deaf? Would that impact the rhythm of a poem?

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