…if it’s that time again; tis the season and the time to search for the perfect tree. It’s getting harder and harder to find a lovely real tree that is over 8 feet tall and within my price range. In fact, I think real trees are becoming a rarity. I, for one, love the smell of the pine, the fragrant aroma of the forest in my living room. I’m wondering why we don’ t promote real trees more (especially those lovely tree farms that let you to hunt your own tree from the rural/locally grown prairie landscape); do we need more plastic/manufactured products in the world? I’d like to think a real tree is environmentally friendly (tho I could be completely wrong–and now I’m wondering if there isn’t some ecological horror at work behind the christmas tree).

I’m also wondering about some last school projects (yeah–she says tongue in cheek). I wonder if the strike at the university will ever end, wonder how much all the new Rider gear is going to cost, and I’m wondering if anyone is going to come out to hear us read at O’Hagios Night. Mostly I’m wondering why I procrastinate the real tasks at hand by wondering anything at all.

6 thoughts on “ALMOST, I WONDER

  1. Yes, that pine smell’s hugely evocative; it’s one of the things I greatly enjoy about Christmas. Very annoying that some [one] had the bright idea of synthesising it and adding it to toilet cleaner. ;^P

  2. Pete and Brenda: No. Not the same at all. No, not at all, not at all. The simulated smell of pine cleaner does not resemble the subtle fragrance of tree. I don’t know how creators of toilet cleaning products think it does. Ain’t nothing like the real thing–to coin a cliche.

  3. Bah humbug! My dad would probably throttle me if I said it to him, but I have thought about getting a plastic tree. But you have a good point, which I have pondered as well, is a plastic tree worse than cutting down a real one? Neither seem like a great alternative. It seems to me we need all the trees we can get. On the other hand, we need less plastic. The other thing is that plastic trees are expensive (granted they would last forever).

  4. Rhett:I still can’t bring myself to buy a plastic tree. In fact, it scares me, although I suppose one could always leave the tree up and decorated for an entire year, year after year.

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