…is something you don’t have to be to attend the Literary Eclectic 3  September 28 and 29, 2007. The readings are free (I will be reading as well) to attend, and the keynote speaker is Di Brandt. This year each session, or most, includes a creative reading by a graduate student. That should be enough to whet the appetites and imaginations of all microbiologists and listeners alike!

9 thoughts on “A MICROBIOLOGIST

  1. somehow while reading TH’s blog, I feel the same way I read about the TIFF in the Globe and Mail each year… like a wallflower…

    also, according to BSchmidt’s posting, SK is the arts province… I think I might agree with that… maybe it’s because I feel like I am living on the edge (beautiful) of the earth, but it sure seems sleepy here in comparison (oh poor you they all say, as I walk in shirtsleeves sometimes on Christmas Day or early February)

  2. I forgot the “as when” I read about the TIFF (Toronto Intl. Film Fest)….

    p.s. anyone coming west for the Vancouver Writers Fest?

  3. S: I wish I could come out, but the degree is keeping me rather city bound. The line up looks fantastic and I hope you blog about the readers if you go.

  4. will do… I’m going to the Poets Laureate session (did you know that I am the unofficial poet laureate of Metchosin?!), the Poetry Bash, and I’m going to hear Tim Bowling on Sunday aft…. should be interesting… sadly I’ll miss the Thurs. poetry shindig… last year there were two male go go dancers and a woman go go dancer… fun to watch… what was even more fun to watch was the way the Vancouver audience (mostly dressed in black) tried not to enjoy the dancers – averted their eyes… would they do that in Sask (avert their eyes?)

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