Well, seeing as Brenda already has a t-shirt and a book bag, I must try to win myself something too!

Here’s a sample of some of the pictures I’ve been working on for my submission.bn3.jpg

6 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Very interesting work. I managed another Canadian
    programme. How was Austria? Some stories when
    I went there nearly 30 or so years ago, on
    the web site.

    Working on next week’s prog. I have a vistor from
    Canada on the 25/9. Poet from Toronto – Karen
    Shenfeld, do you know her? Anyway, I am taking
    time off to show her the Island. You are always

    Are you teaching?

    Take care, Stephen.

  2. Stephen: Austria was amazing. I hope to make it back sometime. I like your new Canadian line-up (including music by the Be Good Tanyas). No, I don’t know Karen Shenfeld, but I hope she enjoys her visit with you and to the island. If I’m ever over your way I’ll let you know.

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